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Family Law in Georgetown DE

Georgetown DE family law attorney

Divorce is one of the most difficult experiences anyone can go through. Oftentimes the breakup of a marriage marks the end of a relationship in which both parties have invested a great deal of time, emotion and financial resources.

Invariably, issues regarding the division of marital property, alimony, and the highly charged issues involving custody of the parties' children must be determined. At times, domestic violence may play a role in a breakup of a marriage, as well. In all these circumstances a skilled and dedicated divorce attorney is critical.

At The Betts Law Firm PA, we are sensitive to the emotional and financial turmoil that clients go through when getting divorced. Our goal is to see the client through this trying process with frank and forthright legal advice aimed at achieving just and equitable results for the client in a manner which minimizes the stress of protracted and costly legal proceedings. When litigation becomes necessary, we will fight for your interests to achieve just and equitable results for you.

Our approach encourages communication and reasonable compromises between the parties in an effort to minimize the stress and strain of divorce proceedings. We will never "fan the flames" of controversy just to generate additional fees for the divorce lawyer. We will always counsel clients to act in the best interest of the children of the marriage so that their pain and suffering can be minimized. And we will seek to protect true victims of domestic violence and defend those wrongly accused.