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Your Mini Guide to Family Law

Dean Betts, Jr., Esquire was admitted to the Delaware Bar on December 13, 1990 and is also a member of the Maryland Bar, the Bar of the United States District Court for the District of Delaware and the Bar for the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. In 1997, Mr. Betts joined the law firm of Betts & Beauregard, P.A. in Georgetown, Delaware, a firm established by his father and law partner, A. Dean Betts, Esquire, in 1953. Upon the investiture of Mr. Betts' sister, the Honorable Rosemary Betts Beauregard, to the bench of the Court of Common Pleas in 1999, the firm became known as Betts & Betts, P.A. The firm is now called The Betts Law Firm PA. Here, Betts talks about many aspects of family law, including taking the stress out of a divorce case and looking after victims of domestic violence.

Protecting Domestic Violence Victims

There is a lot that a lawyer can do to help protect victims of domestic violence. Notifying the police is the first step, followed by filing a petition for Protection from Abuse, which is the name of the pleading that gets filed in the Family Court. Your lawyer can explain a lot more about what can be done to help protect you and your family.

Minimizing the Strain of Divorce Proceedings

The breakup of a marriage is a very difficult thing because of all of the emotional and financial resources that have gone into the relationship. A good lawyer will try to protect his clients in that regard and minimize the financial effects of a divorce at the same time.

Taking the Stress Out of Child Custody Cases

Custody issues tend to be the most emotionally charged issue in the breakup of a marriage. We always advise clients to think about what is best for their children during these proceedings. Even though the parents may not be getting along anymore, they have to be sensitive to the needs of their children, which may include maintaining a relationship with the former spouse.

Administering a Loved One's Estate Property

The probate process can often be confusing and complicated, and good legal representation can assist the grieving relatives or loved ones in making sure that an estate is handled properly, and that the wishes of the deceased person are properly carried out.

About Revocable Living and Testamentary Trusts

Trusts can be very useful in protecting assets from creditors or people who are not responsible with money. They can also be useful in avoiding probate fees and in distributing assets outside of the probate process. But trusts are not for everyone, and you should really consult with an attorney to determine whether a trust is suitable for your specific situation.